✰ ada satu budak ✰
written on Tuesday, December 28, 2010 @8:51 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

he prefer his name to be unknown so lets just call him 'ubi'
ubi is my best friend
ubi is a good friend
ubi is my everything
since ubi broke up with my bestfriend ubi likes me
my bestfriend cheated 
i felt sorry for ubi
but i never thought tht i would fall for ubi
ubi asked my phone num to my bestfriend
but somehow ubi got my phone num in such a diff way
ubi was having a vacation in cherating
i was at home tht nite
we talked untill 3 a.m
i like tht moment so freaking much
i told ubi we cant be this way for a long time
i might fall for you
so i planned to end evrything tht i started
i deleted ubi at myspace
couple of minutes later , ubi added me back
i asked him why did he do tht
ubi said u deleted me so he had the right to add you back
i was touched
but somehow i deleted ubi for few times
ubi still added me back
i was touched again. this time. it went straight into my heart
we first met at midvalley
the real point was to let ubi's exgf and my bestfriend see whts going on between us
maybe she would be regretted 
you waited for me
i was late and im sorry
on call , ubi asked me to walk straight to meet him as ubi were heading back to me
once i saw ubi
i pretended tht i didnt
but somehow ubi smiled the sweetest way tht a person couldn't imagined
oh i can described my feelings on tht moment
there was principles tht we stick to back there
'kita jalan jalan sampai penat'
tht time we didnt have enuf money to shop or to eat
i love tht line
so badly
we were just friends somehow
two weeks later
i started to miss ubi every day
ubi was the guy i think of every nite before i went to bed
but as a strong woman
i never confessed
i made him like me
i once said ' kita tak boleh kawan lg. nanti tersuka.kita kena pegi.bye'
he cried
he never wanted me to leave
he realized somthing
he needed me
as much as i needed him
at 11.40 pm
on 15th june 2009
ubi proposed me to be his one and only girlfriend
since then
me and ubi live happily ever after
not really
we did fight a lot

dear ubi , i love you with all my lungs and my kidneys. 

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