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written on Monday, December 27, 2010 @9:31 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

let me start with a joyable line for my dear follower
helo beebies ! hahah (juz for you emi)
okay nak story
last nite was the best nite ever
since all of us just finished our spm
so last nite we gathered at fad's house
dia buat bbq
malam tu tetibe my phone beeps and it was a text from my beebies emi
dia ajak aku pergi hangout aku cakap ok
so yeah
around 8.15 at nite i reached maness' house and we walked together 
sambil berjalan sambil bergelak sambil bergosip tentang kau
haha sape terase nasib lah
tetibe dkt selekoh restoran mawar tu ada satu krete macam nak langgar kteowg
i was just about to curse him but actlly he was si penternak lipas
krete dia ade lipas
i swear i saw it jumped out of the freaking car towards me
memang aku suke gila dengan lipas la kan
sampai rumah fad
ada ucop syawal nasrullah nazrin mustaina balak mus hasyim razik and ade lagi sikit
dah salam mak fad sume aku pun melantak la apa lagi
since hasyim and his peeps were busy football-ing
i took every ikan tht was just fried by mustaina and i ate like hell
hahahah yeah and the kuah asam made by fad's mom was superb
accidentally on purpose i ate about 5 fishes tht nite
and we did snap some awesome pictures of us
it was fun since we saved our thoughts 
 thinking tht we might hardly meet each other again
after this
i miss my school years and my dudes and babes
the best part comes when malaysia actlly scored and of coure i screamed my lungs out
i did join the guys group supporting our team
at 10 my mom was buzzing me all the way because i just crossed over my curfew
but i never thought tht my curfew ends at 10 at nite?
thts soooo coool
even jimy texted me 
'hey its 10 already. you better walk back home rite now if you dont want to be nagged'
so aku pun pulangla dengan ceria menaiki kereta si penternak lipas 
kikikiki :D
these are the pictures taken last nite

amir manes emi dan sape tah

ucop aku acim manes

aku dan emi

sedap duh

beruk ni lagi

aku dan acim

aku dan acim

aku dan naz 

p/s - not my fault ! hahahah

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