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written on Tuesday, December 28, 2010 @6:18 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

hello semuaaa 
today im very very extra ordinary ecstatic
wonder why?
i just met him and we watched movies berturut turut
at first we planned nak tgk harry potter tapi smpai agak lewat utk beli tiket
then he bought the tickets for tron and rapunzel
tron finished at about 2 and rapunzel started at 2.45
so we had 45 minutes to hang on lil bit and we went out searching for foodss 
since i once had the most painful cirit birit after eating something from the fudcourt
i forbade him to eat there somehow 
we went out and menuju ke restoran melayu depan brem mall
dah dudok we took some pictures of us <3

bla bla bla when the waiter came
we ordered
the worst part comes when waiter dan seluruh pekerja di restoran tu muka masammm
bila kita ckp thnx pun dorg wat bodohh je
nak kata deaf x jugak 
since char kuey teow takde telo takde ape sume takde kt restoran tu
we ordered nasi goreng pattaya
nasib ada kalau tu pun xde jugak mmg nahas la
so makannnn. sedap jugak la
lambat la dorg servis. tak suka
so da pukol 2.45
cepat2 naik dan tgk rapuzel
i watched it already
ni 2nd time. it was still fun although i watched it twice
and the weird thing is my bf love the movie and fall for rapunzel 
damn =.=

hahah tak sangka dia suke tengok kartun
dah abis semua he bought me my fav ice cream kat bawah

we ate and we snap some photos and we talked and planned bout this saturday
i'm eager to tell you guys tht i will be clebrating my birthday with him at klcc this saturday

however my friends pun nak celebrate juga so we hve been planning and still pending for their approval 
we may be clebrating manes and mine's birthday this thursday at midvalley
for my friends out there 
you can be my guest and join us
jangan lupa bawak cake secret recipe chocolate indulgence. hihi
i made my boyfie promised to buy me chocolate indulgence, ahh sedap gila

okay seriously tak saba sabtu dan khamis ni

p/s - thank you for the tops sayanggggg <3 


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