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written on Sunday, December 26, 2010 @7:28 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

oke ppl
this is it
i applied at different kinda storess
books clothes foods&&students
today me n emi(my teddy)
went out searching for money
i mean job
for us
it doesnt even matter where you work
or who surrounds you at work
the solid things tht really matter is enjoying your job and getting paid well
our aim to work is just for fun and to gain sumthing important which is experience
we hve to know and feel how hard is it to make money
that way , maybe we can save more money in the future
im not talking crap
and having a full time job is not exactly a gigantic pain in my ass
even in your ass
ok first of all
are we living in the same country or wht?
im not living in somewhere in africa am i?
the real point is tht
what the eff?
no im not joking
i just dont get it
wearing tudung is something personal
and for muslim girls its a must
not to mention tht even im not wearing one
but im soo furious bout this one typical and shallow minded manager
of this one hotel 
the freaking tall and white building in front of my house tht seems pretty 'suci' everytime we look at it
but the real thing is
me and emi are gonna reveal somthing tht really matters to us
mereka tak bagi pekerja pakai tudung di hotel terbabit
okay thats way too much
even aku yg tak pakai tudung ni pun dah terase gila apa lagi emi?
ada pulak this one girl sanggup terbangkan tudung dia sebab kerja ni
i was like ' apakah?'
after i knew bout tht i really sincerely lose the mood of filling up the form 
wthever it is
i wish me and emi dapat kerja sama ada di bookstore atau perfection
yes and when we get paid,
we will keep ourself buzy shopping 
horeyy !


p/s - saving money for your education is the best thing for ppl in my age now. so better save it okay folks?

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