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written on Monday, December 20, 2010 @4:07 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

center of attraction <3

mimi dah keje hari ketiga termasuk hari ni. btw do u even know whose mimi? haha cute kan name mimi. credits to ira. semalam kami ke mutiara complex coz i'm having the modeling things there . the show started at 4 pm. but then i must be there earlier to rehearse bout 2 pm. mimi tak tawu tempat tu so i decided to go together. planned nak naik bus but then i was late and rushing nak masokkn semua baju sponsored tu dalam bag. so tak sempat of course. nasib baik mummy cakap boleh hanta kan even dia nampak exhausted sebab semalam ade engagement ceremony for mazuin. bila sampai mestila dia tak boleh masok without the passes kan so he had to wait kat bawah. kesiaaan dia sebab mutiara ni bukan ade pape yg menarik pun kan? bila dah time dia masok dewan pun dia asyik tanya bila nak starttttt sebab bosan sgt dah. dia tolong amekkn video and snap gamba sikit. kami balik awal sebab dah pening bunyi lagu kuat gila. lalu kami ke brem sekejap plan nak tgk wayang but then its too late so balik ajelahh. but we did snap some pictures of us.  it was fun when he's around. :)

                                              when mimi is around <3

                                             the models <3

                                              appreciation <3

                             he's tall.he's my math teacher in f4. <3

 meet MR.BENJAMIN.he's my addmath teacher.heheh(gelak gatal)

 this one is my video taken by mimi. the 2nd round is my fav. and i dont know why. enjoy !

note to myself - being a model is not tht easy as we seen on the tv for instance america's next top model , project runway and else.confidence is the most important aspect to be a model.i never wear the boots for the whole day of practising and the next day my legs were killing me. i did mistakes back there but its ok as it was my first time. and if i ever got a chance of doing it again , i would. its fun. its about the mighty 'PASSION' tht lead me towards all of this. well , its an experience tht i've been wanting for a long time. Alhamdulilah. the fashion show boost my confidence. and i needed tht.

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