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written on Monday, December 20, 2010 @10:08 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

my sunken eyes. haha. i dont even know how long exactly i hve been sitting and online-ing today
its a fact . i need to get out and find a job tht suits me best so tht
 i wont keep nagging to jimy to come back early everyday
i mean, wht do u expect.he is out there working at f.o.s midvalley to earn something valuable especially for ME.
huhhhhh at least he called just now.
i made him promise to call me whenever he is having his breaks.
gahhhh i miss him. like seriously miss him :(
ok enuf already bout all the lovey-dovey mood
i hve been updating my blog and integrating my layout 
its cute thou
but then emi said she couldnt pass any comment because of this layout
but i like it this way :(
is it ok if i just let it be this way and nobody can pass any comment to my writings?
credits to emi for 'meguar-uarkan' my blog. 
u guys should visit this  beruang cause she is the most adorable & huggable creature in the world.

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