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written on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 @4:44 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

        THIS IS ME

  1. i'm not sure wht my dream job could be in the future. i dnt hve any fixed ambition since i was born
  2. i just lavvv to eat sumthing spicy tht makes my nose red and runny and even my ears are just like the red spot on the traffic lights
  3. i have an allergic but i dont know wht exactly am i allergic to.when i eat something, my nose will be sooooo itchy and the best part is the food i ate doesnt contain any specific ingrediant tht could tell me wht am i allergic to
  4. my feet are small and im not really tht stable coz im skinny and tall.my feet should be longer and a bit wider somehow
  5. i cant swallow a panadol. i chew 'em with glasses of plain water
  6. i had a fobia since i was 3 years old.im terrified of the strong wind and storm bcoz of a terrible incident happened at my house in taman ehsan,desa jaya.i overcome the fear since i was in form 3 .it took me 10 years to be normal again
  7. i'm a faithful person. i never cheated.my relationship last long.
  8. my ex bf dumped me and i could never forget this line 'sori la awak saya juz dah bosan dengan awak'. until now he regrets wht he had done and said to me so he tends to be my friend forever.
  9. i like boys with spiky hair like beckham's. trojan-like hairdo. haha
lastly , number 10 - i love muhd nazmi bin shahrin.even when he's nowhere near me,he will always be somewhere in my heart

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