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written on Monday, December 27, 2010 @11:32 AM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3


okay this is the exact story
i hope you will enjoy yourself and read this freaking entry with a bucket of popcorn in your filthy hand
i mean yeaa
disgustingly dirty hand
this particular entry is just about you 
pls pls pls do not copy my style of writing
for instance
' i was like...' 
'wht the eff/hell'
and bla bla bla
by copying my style is leading everyone to think tht you dont have a life
and you envy me
but do you even know wht envy means? haha you can google for the meaning syggg
im so sorry but i hve to tell you tht i won every game tht you set me up
 you loose
isn't it funny? you copied my style? yes it is
i am pretty
im stylish
thts why u copied me
u want to be me
you want to win
but no
accept the clearest fact tht you loose blindly
i love myself
i love my body
i love my friends
and my friends include someone you really scared of falling to me AGAIN
i am so sorry tht im so pretty and nice but u cant change the facts can u?
haha im sick of your hillarious games darling
cut it off
im matured enuf for this
im playing innocence
and you are playing dirty
thts why you always loose
do wht you think will make you feel hot coz whtever it is i won and i will win again
stop showing your stupidity to ppl and stop acting like you really are
or you re not acting are you?
back off you morone
hahahha thanx a lot for making me laughhh!

ok dah puas.
macamnilah k
 get a life. sorry.
 ok i forgive you
 but then just go back to your previous style. 
dont copy me, nanti bukan aku je yg buka mulut. ramai lagi yg bukak mulut
kalau apa yg buat tu terase kat aku xpe
ni terase kt kawan sekitar kita semua
dulu aku pike kau kutuk aku ngn bf aku 
aku xde num kau jadi aku cntct la bf kau
tapi sekarang aku ngn emi sbenanye dh tawu sape ygbuat crite
but then org tu dh buat baik ngn aku dn dh mnx maaf
org tu point kau yg cakap
padahal dia sendri yg ckp
aku pun pecaya kau jugak since then
jadi ok la
tp kau
mnx maaaf pastu buat lagi
aku pun sama
bnd ni tak kan abes kalau semua x di clearkn
okay?aku rasa klu kau nak baik dgn semua
kau kene mnx maaf jugak kat semua
sebab bukan aku je sakit hati dulu 

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