✰ upcoming birthday entry ✰
written on Friday, December 31, 2010 @3:58 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

ok tak sangka yg my family is planning for some kind of an event
my birthday is tonight at 12.30 am and the party should be tonight
for some unknown reasons it is postponed till tomorrow nite at 8
since its a public holiday and the payment for jimy to work on public holiday is about RM15 per hour
tonnes of my friends are working full day tomorrow 
its a sad thing to not be with you best bud on her birthday dont you think so?
well i totally understand and  money is slightly more important thn me
however jimy refuses to work tomorrow
even if he wanted to he is forbidden to work tomorrow on his gf's special day
ayah is going to korbankan his ayam belanda
so whoever comes to my event tomorrow u are so lucky then
those who are invited are only my closest friends 
ada jugak some of my friends yg tak dapat dtg coz kerja dan plkn dan holiday dan berjauhan

khabibah bt munir
mohd hafiz
thilip kumar a/l ragavan
laila faqisya bt mohd shah
farah hanis bt nor azman
nurul nadhrah bt ahmad kamil

nasiblahh bukan rezki korang kot haha
lagipun aku tak mampu nak buat party besar besaran macam orang tu
kami bersederhana shj 

see yaaa boyzz
muhd nazmi bin shahrin <3
raimi mardhiah bt mohamad
muhd nazrin
amir mokhtar b hj mat isa

dan x konfem dtg ke tak -

muhd yusuf hashim

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