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written on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 @12:30 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

i am 162 cm and 43 kg
i should be 50 kg +
so i need to gain weight more likely about 8-10 kg
kepade kawan kawan yg mengenali saya
korang semue tawu
kalau ade bbq ke or makan jamuan ke ape
aku mesti makan extra lebih dr korang
so wht should i do to gain weight?
yes i know but i want to know the REAL & HEALTHY way 
i googled and these are the results for my weird-kinda-research

eat 8 light balanced meals per day rather than 3 big meals as usual
(damn kau ingat aku tong ke ape byk gile nk kne makan haha)
salmon tuna walnuts 
fish meat veggies whole grain bread

i need to eat 1741 calories to gain weight and maintain tht way
dah kire dekat sini


but still i should eat more than 1741 cal. per day
in addition
 i should drink plenty of water and sleep well

plus , no need to waste money on stupid products

its all crap !

goodluck cah


p/s -

ok kalau aku dpt kerja perfection ini la destination aku masa lunch

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