✰ i'm feeling gay today ✰
written on Thursday, January 13, 2011 @2:41 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

this morning i woke up with smile 
but it last long just for a couple of hours
the fights , erghh i dont even want to start talking bout it
it was horrifying
i slammed the door and picked up my handbag
there you go
i left ryan zikry yang sedang tunjuk kat aku kasut die sambil cakap 'ta..ta..apu'
im sorry ryan mama cah was furiousss 

i swept my tears and i walked straight to bremmie
i called him
he was otw
i went to the first floor's bench depan kedai emas cine
and i was crying
dia dtg cubet pipi aku belah kiri and menyuruk kat blakang bahu kanan aku
he didnt know i was crying till then
he saw me, my nose were glowing reddish
 my eyes were reddd as i was about to kill someone
he said
'baby whats wrongggggggggggggg'
of coz i answered '.....'
about 5 minutes in a complete silence
he left his bag near me
he went away
i dont know where

dalam masa 5 minit selepas die blah 
ada annoucement kat bawah 
kuat org tu cakap boleh denga smpai tingkat 6
announcement to mcmni
'attention to miss hanisah hashim
ada pesanan untuk anda'
i was like what? the? eff?
den denga suare jimy ckp
'huny i luf yuuuu hihihihi'
and again i was
in my head of coz
its a complete lie la weh dont fall for tht i was kidding
the real thing happened was
selepas die belahh
die dtg balik kat aku
he bought me
awhhhh cair sudaaaa
i stopped crying
and he made me smile
*thnx b*
so dia ajak tgk wayang
crite yg ada nicholas cage tu
takbest sgt so korang takyah tgk

esok dia off
plan nak g makan
tapi bukan kt bremie lah

see yu tomorrow darling
leb yu momel 


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