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written on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 @5:57 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

ok tadi terrance interviewed me
fully english
i talked and i talked and i talked and i dont even care even i did some grammar errors
like a lot
haha but then it turned out pretty well
some of the questions were like

why do you want to work here..
untill when..
how do you come here. by bus?..
tell me something bout youself..
your first time applying?..
if theres a parent ask you why should their kid study in perfection wht would you say?..
bla bla bla ade la lg malas nak taip

haha yg aku gertak sikit masa dia suro crite pasal diri sendri
aku pi bantai cakap
i am a fast learner esp bout computer thingy
i studied here since std5 until f5
the staff here are pretty friendly and i knew most of them
sharon kak asma bima..
i know mr christopher and i know how he's like (terrance smiled)

yg pasal parent tu aku jawab
of coz i would tell them to send their kids here
i would explain bout the teachers here
i myself had achieved so much since i studied here
the classes are awesome fully air cond
and the cafe's are cool and affordable foods and drinkss

so lepas dah abis interview i went to mcd and waited for syarah shahira and nisa
dorg pun applied sana
sempat online and amik gmbar skejap

 meet syarah amanina <3

menunjuk cincin.haha

ok then balik lahhh
moga moga dapat kerjaaa
aminn :)

btw thanks jimy for the topup
leb yu


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