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written on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 @12:50 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

i cried. i called home and i spoke to mak. she said 'come home ayah is waiting'. so i ran back home and ayah was waiting depan pintu.then we went inside ddok depan tv and they asked bout it.i gave them my slip. and they said 'alhamdulillah you should be proud'.ayah said keturunan because lin mazuin ira got the same result as mine but dorg pny worst sbb ada C and D.i cried so hard. ayah gave me ratusan rggt seperti yg dijanjikan. .khabibah dpt straight A, emi dpt 3A mira dpt 4A.i was so proud for khabibah moga2 dia dpt ubah nasib keluarga. after i stopped crying mak said tak kisah la amik la kolej swasta ke cepat pergi on internet tgk mana yg layak.tapi internet slow but somehow aku refresh berjuta kali utk send mcg kat kau. i couldnt tell you how frustrated i am right now. how i wish you were here on call and keep telling me to stop crying.aca called me just now and i was crying but then tergelak sikit sbb dia mencarut2 result die teruk.i miss you. and i wish your result would be so much better than mine.cikgu nak belanja makan kejap lagi lepas zuhur.with love,cah. :'(

p/s- 4A5B. A stands for bm bi sejarah and math.ayah gave me ratusan ringgit. i love my family.so much.SORRY guys. :(
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