✰ sikit pun tak ✰
written on Monday, March 21, 2011 @11:49 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

harini hangout dgn my babes. luv em' :)

lepastu main badminton dgn mereka smpai pukul 7 malam


balik2 aku pun terus online.
he was online too. 
i received a msg from him on fb, that should be me-justin bieber
i was touched
he left some lovey dovey posts on my wall
i was touched
ira said he called me around 5 pm
i was touched
he said he tried to call me 
because he misses me
i was touched
i was late and he was waiting
i told him tht im sorry
telefon rumah berbunyi
it was him
he was on the phone
with me 
for like half an hour
even he knew tht by calling me would cost him RM3 per minute
you guys do the math
again, i was touched
we were chatting on skype
you called again

 he showed me
little metal of eiffel tower
he promised to buy the eiffel tower for me
and yes he did
thank you

there you go

hahahaha :)

it is hard you know
when someone who loves you
is in PARIS

come home soon,zahid :'(

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