✰ i wish ✰
written on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 @10:30 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3


( so there must be a solid reason why i met YOU )

if i ever said tht i'm giving up. i mean it. if i ever shed a tear for you, i really mean it. if it's not because of you. i wont live this way. if you are not around , i wont be here. i was so weak those days. but you came. you are the reason why i healed so fast. you are the reason why i moved on so quick. i owe you a lot. you opened my eyes so tht i wont cry over some stupid guy. you made me realize how special i am those days. untill now. you never leave. but somehow i did. i tried. but i can't. there's always a solid reason for things to happen. and there must be a reason. why i can't just walk away. because. i prefer to stay. and once i stated tht kind of statement, i mean it. i really do mean it. i'll stay. but somehow i'm terrified. scared. if you walk away. like they did. but. its okay. this is wht we called  life. its unpredictable. not all promises are real. here i am. now. i'll wait. you know i will. since you are so far away from here, stupid things happened. they asked me to be they're one and only girlfriend. the worst part is. they dont even know me yet. but you did. we had a deal. and i like it tht way. i agreed. it went pretty well. you know it. once i like someone, i'm serious. once i love someone, i will abandon the others tht want me so badly. they will be my friends and you will be someone else. you will be the one. if only you can see whts in my heart. if only you can see whts going on in my mind. if only i met you so much earlier before i met him & him & him. it would be so great. if only you know how much i want this to happen. if only you realize how eager i am  to be there with you. how eager i am to look after you. how many things tht i want to do with you. but i like it this way better. hold things up. wait for the perfect time. we both like it. i guess. if we're lucky somehow someday. things happen. and how i wish i can see the future. how i wish tht you exist in my future. 15 more days you will be back in Malaysia. can't wait any longer. if you get wht i mean. :')
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