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written on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 @9:25 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

seriously, deep inside me, i am still wondering why the hell did he left me in such a disguise way. i was so frustrated and i leave it all to Allah. alhamdulillah, after Allah showed me how rude he was to me by calling me perempuan sial and perempuan bodoh. i was really thankful tht he is not my boyfriend anymore.
after all, i would never have a rude and immature guy like he is as my life partner.
semoga Allah bukak pintuhati j utk berubah.
ini yang terbaik. kn?


after Zahid mengalami kemalangan jalanraya yg teruk, i came to his life. by the time i was soooo lonely and depressed, he was there. he was being so nice and since then we became best friend.
he is not my rebound. oke peeps?
dah sebulan lebih kita bestfriend. tiba2 rasa mcm suka pulak. semua org tawu tu kan?

he is a nice guy.
he makes me laugh all the time
when we had a fight for something stupid
he always send a meaningful message to my inbox
the best part comes when he admit it
he likes me too
a lot
but both of us had a deal
tht we should just keep it down low
take some time
more time too know each other completely
we dont want to make things worse
by jump into a relationship all in sudden
you know
if IT's real
then it will happen
if you get wht i mean ,

i am happy
i am so happy
seriously , i am

until now, we are just friend
i mean,

introducing ,

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