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written on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 @11:56 AM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

ok so last night was a disaster. i hate it. i just dont get it. i dont understand some ppl. they actlly hve a perfect life but seems tht they couldnt see it. ada girlfren , tapi panggil aku baby? syg? come on la. lepastu i decided not to layan but then org tu boleh pulak nk marah2 ckp klu tak nak layan cakap la takpayah buat org tertunggu tunggu. wtf? well tulah die lelaki zaman skrg. but bukan semua lelaki lah. just. beberapa. why is tht so wrong if i really just want to kawan from the first place. kawan biasa. kawan on the net. is it so hard? is it a must to ask for my phone number and bila aku xnk bagi kau nk panggil aku fake? lagi sekali , wattafish. sangat kecewa. but its okay. things mcmni sebenarnye bg pengalaman and can open my eyes and let me see the real ppl in this world sbenanye mcm mane.

lain org lain ragam. thts true. really true.

he's away. untill i dont know when. is he coming back? i dont know. wht do i know? nothing. i just hve to admit it tht i really dont know how things will end up soon. is it gonna workout like i planned? why things happened at the last minute? i dont know. but things happen. and sometimes we just hve to face it and let it be tht way. things happen for a reason you know. the worst part is tht i dont understand why i just cant see the reason yet. yet.

i hope tomorrow will be a blast for us.

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