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written on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 @10:56 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

yes , i cried

i didnt mean it. im sorry. im sorry. i didnt mean to hurt you. seriously im sorry. i hve no idea wht happened right tht moment. and. i dont know. it happened so fast. so quick. i was. i was scared. okay maybe im not ready yet. listen , if its real , it will happen. one day. wht happened last night tak bermaksud i dont like you. you know how i feel bout you. you know i am sooo different when im with you. and the feeling was great because i am not fake. especially when im with you. you know tht. you're different. you're a nice guy. you're fun to hang out with. you're funny. and you like me for being myself. i like tht. if i ever gonna loose you someday , i want you to remember my laughs when im with you and remember me remember all those things we did since my stupid break up. we were friends and then jadi bestfriend and then something happened. bad things good things. little fights big fights. right tht moment we both realized yg there's actually something going on since then we had a deal bout it. i was waiting back then . and now. you are waiting. its your turn to wait. for me. i couldnt ask for more. a big thank you. just for you. i know. you're special too.

kalau dulu , bila i laughed and he said 'hoi cover la sikit gelak tu awak tu perempuan. hish'
but now when i laughed my ass off and somehow, you laughed as well. i like tht.
kalau dulu, kita gilir2 bawakkn beg after shopping, but now without asking, you just simply amik semua barang from my hand and bawak kan for me.  kalau boleh sikit beban pun kau xnk aku bawak kan. i like tht
kalau dulu , bila gaduh die belah mcmtu je besok pagi pun belum tentu dia mcg balik. but now bila we were fighting , you never stop replying my text. and mesti sent some text tht stated some facts contoh mcm how much you love me how sorry you are bla bla bla. i like tht. so much.
you are totally different from my ex. and now i can see why he left me dulu.
because Allah set us up.
i met you and things started since we became bestfriend.
you met me right after the accident.
the text i received from you masa balik dari kerja and masa tu i lost you phone number and it was on 16th of march. since then , kita kawan. bila dah rapat , you left Malaysia for few weeks.
we've known each other for 2 months ++
i think we both need more time to spend with each other and
yeah. i hope you can deal with it.

whatever happens next,
count on me by bruno mars. make it our song.
hello stranger. make it our first movie.
4th may 2011. make it our first date. even masa tu ada fit , your bestie.
9th may 2011. make it our second date. even masa tu ada tia , your bestie
that night. 
make it our night since you proposed.
and lets wait for one more important date
the date when i become yours
its okay to wait
wait for me

just believe in fate. 
because i do. 

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