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written on Tuesday, May 17, 2011 @8:38 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

kami anak beranak pergi shopping harini. my mummy's second time ride on monorail. i told her not to be scared then she said ' cah dulu first time naik balik rumah terus demam' and so my face went from :) to -.-'

so today my bro in law dah cop & sign the freaking papers for the registration thingy this saturday. this saturday is gonna be a bigggg day for me and my family. err. damn scary wehh xD
hope things will go smooth and no problems will occur during the registration.

so just now i already packed some baju kurung , tshirts , pants ,towels , blankets ,
 and operasi menggulung telah pun bermula

this bag 
i thought all my baju will fit in but dah tak muat
am i packing too much of baju? or beg ni yg kecik sgt? damn

disamping baju , 

 hairdryer , cerek letrik , iron

pencuci mukaa , hangers , slippers , dan mcm2 lagi

my mum said 'cah nk beli kasut lagi tak?'
hehe padahal kasut dh byk. kt sana nnt aku nk bawak 5 kasut including these 3 as shown in the pic above

and my favourite of the day , 

isnt she's a cutie?


 p /s - 3 more freaking days left to enjoy and build up my confidence mentally and physically , somehow. -.-
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