✰ i was ✰
written on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 @1:37 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

i was in love
i was in a long term relationship during high school
it ended terribly and i was horribly hurt
my life changed drastically and i was so weak
my history effects me like seriously
i dont have the feel to be in love anymore

i was a model
i like being the centre of attraction
i like the camera flash around me
taking my photos
they even published my images on facebook
i was living in a dream right that moment
i was happy tht i got the experience

i was an idol ,
i was a role model
to my juniors
and to some of the copycats around me
they copied me , my style
the wanted to be me
cool huh?
but sometimes it became a disaster when i found out
there , i made a mistake
i should hve been proud
tht i was actually a role model to the girls !

i was living with my mom and my dad
now , im alone in my room , 2206 , kolej tun teja , uitm melaka
i was living in hell for the first week
it was so hard to live by myself
i tried
and i won
i survived for my first 4 weeks
i am proud of myself

i was overjoyed living with my peeps
khabibah amir raimi amira nad tilip naz
i miss them
but now i am living with my roommates
sifa , lani dan kak ara
they all are so nice
so cute and pretty
so innocent
and i am the one who always buat havoc in my room

so many things tht we should look back at it sometimes
so tht it could be the biggest lesson in our life
try to appreciate what you have now
because it will be far more different in the future
it might be happier if your luck is always on the top,
or somehow our lives would turn out misery
who knows

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