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written on Thursday, July 28, 2011 @10:44 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

dear bloggie ,

how am i supposed to know whats going on in my head , if my mind cant think of anything else.

i wont go back to KL during puasa month at all , i will be back 5 days before raya which is probably on 27th of AUGUST. yes , august. today is 28th of july. its about a month to go. it is weird . the feeling of being away from home during puasa. kalau dulu , ayah will be imam for terawih , but this time , a stranger will be my imam , or i might also semayang terawih on my own because of the night classes i have for like 3 times a week. and one more thing , this time , i wont be listening 'dengan ini mengumumkan bahawa esok hari raya puasa bla bla bla..' on tv. dulu if im at home , my family will always wait for the old man to make the special announcement. but not this time. ok maybe i just have to get used to it. soon.

since i became the model for the AD's , there's a couple of proposal about making me their own model for their assignment. they added me on facebook lately. i like modelling. even if i dont like most of the photos taken as a result , but one of them might be the best among the others. i ike my photos being taken for assignments. haha but its funny for the first time where i am completely going nuts, modelling forawhile , being so pale and erm shmuggly. haha !

i miss ryan so much. i miss home. i miss KL. i miss my friends. i miss khairol fadzli. ever since naik cuti mid sem , everything is not the same , semua mcm dah bz with the assignments yg bertimbun , and my ptptn's problem. duit tak masuk masuk , its like , i am being tested right now. like so much. be tough cah , be tough.

this week , i completed the only task tht i hd been worried about since forever. PAD120 's presentation. my lec is so damn strict la weh , cant even do a very tiny mini mistakes , she will potong your marks on the spot ! so on last tuesday morning , i wore the red kebaya with kain batik kawan. i put some make ups on. its a must ! but i forgot to bring my heels along masa balik kolej haritu , so i pakai my flats je. Alhamdulillah , overall my presentation went pretty well. sungguh lega nye lahai. sgt sgt lege. hee

till then ,
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