✰ 4 wonderful days of my life ✰
written on Saturday, September 17, 2011 @9:09 AM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

and so , there he was. dtg kl , slept at my place, kenal dgn my whole family.

day 1 ; dtg rumah mlm tu pegi tgk wayang kt brem mall and then makan kt deen

day 2 ; pegi low yat beli charger , and then g time square mkn secret recipe , RM67.15 semua. balik g brem mall lg tgk wayang and then mak suruh pegi pasa mlm beli makanan

 depan ts

 kt hall

secret recipe , ts

brem mall

ryan <3

day 3 ; pegi rumah mazuin ada wat makan2 . and then g hospital tgk ryan , malam tu pegi makan kt firdaus dgn family.

abg zam


day 4 ; balik :'(

p/s - syg , thanks for everything
terharu sgt dah you dh smpai kt rumah i
dah tak tawu nk ckp ape. 
i love you
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