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written on Saturday, September 3, 2011 @8:54 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

'lupaa pulak , kita dua dah jadi org melaka kannn' - kf

there you go. a verse that kept me thinking , haha seriously , sekian lama aku duduk kl , jadi org pure kl , ttbe 2 tahun stengah terpaksa jd org melaka. okay fine. lepasni , org shah alam pulak lah. hehe. nak sambung law mst la kt shah alam !

okayyyyy omg esok balikkkkkk. why is it so hard for me to get my ass up and start packing things up? why am i soooooo lazy bum and didnt even touch a book during my holidays? hello my final is just around the corner hello helllo 1 2 3 1 2 3. raya this year is soooooooooo different , short , and no fun. at all , i mean it. my duit raya is getting lesser each year. my ptptn , i dont know wether dah di bank in ke belum , havent check yet. hope so , because if not , im a dead meat btw.

and yeahhhh tomorrow insyaAllah i'll be going back to uitm with my boyfriend, kf. isnt that just great. hehe. kf has been so perfect lately , i mean he is not perfect , nobody is. but he is the one yang make my life feels complete and enough and secure and happy and joyful. even we're not that official but yet , we will be. he's great. he's just. great. :)

i miss my friends. zati , mida , kecik , intan, qis. cant wait to see them tomorrow. exchanging raya cookies, talk about holidays during raya , what did we do , with whom , when , and everything. yaya's right. i am happy in melaka. even if a person ask me 'hows everything in melaka?' i would gladly said 'greaaaaaattttt' i mean , what else ,semua yg aku nak semua ada ,  awesome bestgirlfrendssss , handsome boyfriend, even my stomach pun happy sbb senang cr makan murah. i am doing fine in melaka.

haritu i read a blogger's post talking bout her life now is going upside down , so different from mine , and her life was far more happier than mine dulu2 masa sekolah. haritu my bestfriend told me his secret , their parents are divorced because there are the third party involved and that is horrible. bad things are going around us , the wheel is turning , and will not stop turning. there are some peak points that our life would be sssoooooo extremely great and there also will be a very low point where your life would be messed up again and again and then you fall. the thing is , the wheel is turning around so somehow your life will getting better soon , why not if we just wait and be patience while facing our screwed life right now.
to my friends yang sedang dilanda masalah , i will pray for you guys , and all the best. Allah maha adil.

my final is just around the corner , and i swear i dont want to screw this oppurtunity to shine. i have to try my best even in my life , in my precious 17 years of life , i have never , NEVER like politics. untill now , i have to like it. i have to know all about it. politic sucks. yes it does. i only know about it because i dont want to fail. puhlease pray for my finals ye kawan kawan. semoga dapat DL macam ira ! :)
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