✰ evaporating ✰
written on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 @3:08 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

i hated klia back then

another normal raining day in kl , which is quite rare in malacca to rain like this. i miss the weather. even the air  is polluted badly and it sucks , but i like the environment and yeah , the weather. 
my last paper which is this sunday , it is about multimedia , i hate it but i have to learn about it just to pass the paper. i dont think i can score on this paper. this is just not me. but , i'll try my best. it is hard. seriously it is. me and multimedia ? not bonded and we are never meant to be bonded , forever
i will be leaving kl for malacca this friday. and i'll be back on sunday with my fellow friends from johor
they'll stay here and we will have a good quality time together , u bet
i told mum about my plan to get a bb smartphone
and she responded like this
' kalau mak simpan semua henfon kau dari awal lagi mesti kita dah boleh buat muzium gaknye kan'
thats a very weird yet attractive way in 'perli-ing' 
well , thats my mum
but im sure thats another green light , because bb curve is just aound 5 hundreds , she thought tht a bb phone just like mazuin's cost about a thousand. 
i would like to work during my semester break , but you know
finding a job is quite difficult and getting to be interviewed here and there took about 2 weeks for me to find a job , i know it since i worked my ass off after my spm
well , my semester break is only 6 7 weeks. 7 weeks minus 2 weeks will give me about 5 weeks. a month and a week. i might earn a thousand atleast? 
but yeah , the fact that it is super hard to find a vacancy does make my dreams 'poof' (dissappear in some kind of a magical way)

till then ,

much <3

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