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written on Sunday, October 30, 2011 @9:01 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

once again , cik feyra comel telah mencabar saya untuk typekn list kesyukuran. ok fine , smentara tengah rajin dan masa lapang ni kn.

i am glad sbb dilahirkn di dunia ni

i am grateful that i have the best family in the whole universe , the best parents of all

i am so grateful i have a perfect quaterback on my own , i love you boyfriend

i am so grateful i have so many loyal college friends , friends from school , workplace , and even bloggers especially feyra :)

i am so thankful that i am raised in a wealthy family with love and all basic needs

i am glad that i got the chance to sign up my name studying in uitm alor gajah melaka 

i am glad that there was always some people who'd been messing around with my life because now i am strong , mature because of them , learn from past mistakes and experiences

i am so glad that i have my blackberry so i can bbm with my besties and soon , my boyf

i am glad that my room is airconditioned because i will not be over heated with the weather , biaselah malaysia

i am glad that my parents let me take over this lappy after my SPM

i am glad that i am still alive after a very bad event happened during my childhood , my mother saved me , love you mummy

i appreciate my parents , school teachers and my lecturers because they willingly teach me about life and education

i am thankful that my mummy bought me my own camera so that i can capture every special moment in my life especially the time when my family and i went to indonesia last april

i am thankful that i have 4 amazing sisters , lin , mazuin , ira , yaya. sometimes they are quit annoying , but i still love them

i am thankful that my family is blessed with ryan, my dear nephew , he's so handsome and he's gonna be so clever with his aunts around. hehe

i am glad that im cute , skinny and tall , but it will all fades when im old

i am thankful to Allah that i still live in this world at the age of 17 , healthy and blessed with fats , sy syg lemak saya

and many more ,

till then , with love

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