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written on Friday, October 7, 2011 @1:24 AM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

assalamualaikum peeps

first of all ,
yesterday quite sucks. my lappy kene format balik because some kind of a virus anyway i had to pay 40 rggt just to format this thing , and it hurts a lot because that was the last 50 rggt piece in my purse !

even worser when i had to buy a 10 rggt top up and it was the baki for the earlier rm50

but the catch was , the night my lappy wasnt working , i called him. i talked a lot. about all the things inside. especially our photos. the precious videos. soon after , my eyes were wet like hell because of losing all those. next , my JUSTIN BIEBER movie is goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee , gone seriously gone , i know i can download it again bla bla bla , but it takes time and the new movie might not be as HD as the previous JB's i had. :(
moral of the story , movie favorite anda , tlg bagi pass pass kt lappy ahli family anda ke org letak simpan elok elok dlm hard disk -.- serta gmba fav anda dgn buah hati anda ok

back to the point , my baby heard me crying and he said
"sygggg dah laa tu kan laptop je , nak dibandingkan syg i kt u dgn gmba gmba dlm tu , syg i kt u lagi kekal tau , and klu u nak , nnt kte pegi semua tmpt kte amik gmba and kte amik gmba semula , kt tempat sama , kte buat video yg sama as we did before , exactly the same , the timing , the conversation and everything , or i boleh buat video utk u even better , kite boleh amik gmba lagi cantik lepas ni , its okay ,dont cry"
 *and the rest i shall keep it to myself* hehe sorry i get overboard too easily , : p

and the best part went like this ,
 cah : jaybee i ... :'(
him : omg u nangis pasal jb? u pinjam 2000 rggt
cah : huh? what for
him : nak fly pergi us , nak jumpe jb , nak tumbuk muke die , i nak tumbuk jb
cah : haha why
him : sbb u nanges sbb die -.-"

the moment i 'haha'-ed was the feeling that i will never forget , he made me laugh when i cried. haha it sounds funny but its the truth ! everything seems to be happy and gloomy when he's around , even when he's not , he could be on my phone , he could be on skype , facebook , he could be everywhere , khairol sana khairol sini khairol di mana mana !


ok anyway , my multimedia test is just around the corner , and i am so not prepared yet , sos !

my baby wants to be a model , tapi hajat tak kesampaian kot ahah
the right one , ahhhh i love it :)
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