✰ you ✰
written on Thursday, October 27, 2011 @5:44 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

it has been 3 days now , its hurting

we talked last night , hoping tht everything will be fine as before
suddenly something happened , you were not ok
you said you cant breathe
i heard you breathing honey , and i didnt like it
im sorry i cant help , you are too far away from me
all i did was saying things that you wanted to hear the most
im here , im not going anywhere , we'll stop fighting and things will be okay
you were breathing really hard , my hands were shaking
you said your chest was in pain , extremely
you said , i havent experienced this for quite some time , i thought its gone and wont happen again
what is it honey , you're sick and you didnt tell me? whats wrong , i dont want you to be sick
you're 18 and you're perfect

you hang up
i didnt have any credit to call you back
all i did was 'call me back'
i was so extremely worried
later , you called again
you sang our song , always be my baby by MR Cook
still , i didnt like the way you breathed
i cried , you promised you would sing for me every nite since the first day we're together
please be okay hun , i know you cant handle all the stress , and all the chest pain thingy
im sorry i cant help

everything will be fine , i know
i have faith , so do you
i know things can change , so do you
just wait for it
hold on syg , we're having a rough time right now
sooner or later , we'll be just like we used to be
every relationship has their own risk
own problems
but i dont want to be like the other couples , 
when they fight , they broke up , and change their status on fb on the spot
that is just not me , not us
we can do it syg , we can face this thing immediately
so we can move on
we cant change our past , but we can change our future
lets just start one more time , theres absolutely nothing wrong in giving another chance

hold on , dear hero
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