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written on Sunday, November 13, 2011 @2:53 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

salam stalkers

okay , first of all , this is absolutely bukan game tag tag bloggers sbb tajuk yg main jiwe ye diatas tu. 

pagi tadi , i mean pukul 1 ptg tadi , i was informed with a really bad news from my bestfriend , #intansyafira
i was noticed that yesterday , her dad was admitted to icu sbb sakit jantung , malam semalam i asked her about her father , she said , his heart now is stable but he is still in the ccu , so i thought everything might be okay

but somehow , Allah loves him more, her dad died this morning , this sudden death really does scare me . intan called me at 1 pm just now , she seemed so calm , ada gelak sikit , she's strong , i know it. thats my girl !

semoga roh tenang kt sana , aminnnn. takziah buat intan skeluarga. 

you know , being a bestfriend is easy but when it comes to this , this is so , so , so , i dont know what to say and what to describe. 

sometimes , bila first time jadi org terawal yang terime berita mcm ni , kte sendiri tak sure nk bg reaction mcm mana. 
haritu ada org gitau kte dia sendiri ada cancer , in a terrible way she cried her lungs out at me , i dont know how to react so i cried too :(

this time intan was very calm , and she did gelak a little bit when i ter called her back , sebenarnya nak call my baby nak bgtaw news tu tapi ter call dia balik , so she gelak couple of times and i missed that. intan is a very nice girl , dia pandai baik comel sweet. i love her , she's my best girlfriend. be strong ok intan. <3 you

kepada yang kenal intan ni facebook dia , intan syafira 
siapa nak num tepon dia , PM me on facebook okay , kte akan online sepanjang hari sbb if ada antara kawan2 yang nak num dia kn.

ramai jugak antara kawan kita yang dah kehilangan ibu atau ayah dorg , ada yg still sensitif klu sebut pasal ayah smpai harini , ada yang move on dgn happy dan berjaya in most of things yg dorg lakukan , thats healthy.

to be honest , kte rasa sgt useless bila x dpt berada di samping intan sendiri , peluk dia cium dia , rse useless bile takleh buat apa apa , other than doa byk2 and text her saying good inspirational things , rasa susah hati fikirkan keadaan dia skrg , susah hati xdpt ada dgn dia masa mcmni.

Alhamdulillah , my parents are still here with me , sihat sihat keluarga saya. semoga kekal mcmtu lama2 , atleast , let them see my child , their grandchild, aminnnnn

Allah knows, Dia ada plan for all of us , so theres nothing much we can do , terima takdir and be strong.


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