✰ dear hacker ✰
written on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 @8:35 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

although im not that pious , but im trying too.
whoever you are dear hacker , awak dah malukan saya
what you did , was really bad , and wrong
can you imagine if this situation happens to your sister or your mother?
but you know what
i am prepared for this pretty well

you hacked my blog with all the curses in my comment box
and you post my picture on my fb wall and wrote a really bad caption

whats your point
getting me hurt?
well im not , because of you
i learnt a lot
because of a person like you dear hacker , everybody around me knows how childish you are
i think i know who you are dear hacker , 
but it wouldnt be nice if i accuse you because i dont have the prove yet
Allah knows well who you are and what you did
i pray hard , 
doa orang teraniaya akan dimakbulkan, dear hacker
however , i didnt pray for you to get hurt or die in some cruel way
thats not nice 

i pray that Allah will open your heart and let you see what you missed
i pray that my life would be better after this with a loving family and loving boyfriend around 
other than loving friends
i pray that u will change yourself to be a better person
for your future wife

i never hold any grudge on you dear hacker
i will not , having grudge in our heart is not healthy
i forgive you
and im sorry if i ever hurt you so badly until you never stop trying to ruin my life

my life wont be ruined easily just because of a person like you
i dont need you in my life dear hacker , dear old friend
the past is still the past. it is done.
i rejected you for many reasons, Allah had a better plan for you
but you might ruined Allah's plan by now , sbb awak dah aibkan org

im not affected by your doing of abusing me all the way from the beginning

Allah is listening to my prayer, Allah knows my intention

so im warning you , to back off forever
jgn menambah dosa
blaja tinggi tinggi , mentaliti jgn la rendah

i'm okay and i'm still happy
i love my family
i love my boyfriend
i love my friends

dont pity me , its you 
i pity you more and more

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