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written on Thursday, November 17, 2011 @4:22 AM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

Assalamualaikum Stalkers sekalian alam , 

its 4 am , while others are snoring inside their blankets , im here, still alive , typing
yesterday , i shared couple of pictures, some random funny pictures
one of it stated like this
' if a guy does mistake , at the end he says sorry
if a girl does mistake , at the end , still , he says sorry'
why in both situation , HE says sorry? haha 
this is so funny in some kind of a fact way

in two days , i'll be leaving my home , my nest (room) and wifi
i dont want to leave home so soon , but i want to go back to melaka
i am eager to go back there
because then i could see him everyday
hearing his voice , eat with him dinner lunch breakfast
do mostly everything with him

at college , i gain weight tremendously
i just love to eat , maybe my brain is working too much so its always asking for food topup

my baby is sleeping right now , on skype
he's so adorable 
yumm yumm :*

okay , this is the next q&a session that links with everything around me

q - what would you do if he makes mistake repetitively
a - i would give him the mighty silence treatment
i wouldnt talk , wouldnt reply , or picking up calls

q - what would you do if things around you are not working out as you planned
a - i'll leave it to God , and i'll ask for people's advice and seek attention from my baby

q - what would you do if a person criticize you badly in public
a - i would reply as cool as i can , act like i never noticed that the person is actually talking about me

q - what would you guys do to avoid stupid fights with your loved ones
a - my baby will call me ayang and i will call him abang
and he says 'ayang ayang abanggg' in a very gediks way , and that does put aside my fire (anger)

okay thats all i can think of for now

so , since our varsity jacket arrived earlier yesterday morning
i cant wait for us to look like this , together

boleh tak comel lagi?

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