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written on Friday, December 30, 2011 @10:07 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

Assalamualaikum stalkers

esok last day i'll be here in KL
my birthday is on sunday
esok ingat nk keluar dgn dia , tp dia tak balik kl pulakkkkkkk
and then , tny lah kawan kt sini

sorg , dah balik KL terus diam seribu bahasa , fb tak contact , mesej pun tidak , call ape lg?
sorang tu , bila ajak klua makan , katenye hangout dgn family harini
lg sorg bila cuti , katenye boleh pergi tapi takde transport takde duit
lg 2 org dekat matrik belaja , k tu dikecualikan la kn
tp mcm , tp mcm
entala mcm apa
nak ajak korang jumpa sekarang mcm nk ajak justin bieber pergi dating

this really does bug me so much
if tak ingat , hello , my birthday is coming
isnt it the most solid reason for us to hang out lagi ?
or , is it just another person's birthday coming up and you just dont care?
well , is this what you called as BFFFF masa sekolah dulu ?
is it really forever? u sure?

and lagi satu , why do you really need to copy everything
copy my lines especially
it is mine , copyrighted mannn
kalau ye nak ciplak ayat aku , meh la habaq mai kt owner dia dulu
well nevermind , i learnt that a copycat tu sebenarnya adore kita
i think so too

well you know what , i am starting to care less
go on with your life act as nothing happened

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