✰ not that easy darling ✰
written on Saturday, December 24, 2011 @1:32 AM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

Assalamualaikum stalkers

sorry for being so silent since forever , i hve been soooooo busy with evrything
and my broadband is not working
so i didnt get the chance to update anything on my site
too much things happened
taktau mana nk start , ada yg dah lupa dah exact stories to tell

i reached KL at 11.30 am this morning with intan 
my darling esok baru balik rumah dia so tonight dpt skype skejap je dgn bantuan broadband org

last 3 weeks , sgt tough
sgt busy sgt stres sgt , sgt , sgt
the last thing yg I did utk release all of it is
spending time with him
tak balik rumah dh for 2 weeks mcmtu sbb byk bnd nk buat
byk event and stuff
so , he is the only strength i have other than having my mum on call
but somehow , i didnt feel like telling every little things happend to my mum
considering her health , i told her the biggest happy part happend 
all the bad stories , referred to him
too much pressure lead to fights
i dont like it either

my strength , 

thanks for the support

thanks for the pujuk rayu stuff you did
you dah pandai pujuk i sekarang
sgt pandai

sorry i did so many mistakes 
sorry im too emotional
sorry i put a lot of pressure on you
i didnt mean it that way

thanks for spending time , money , energy on me
it helped a lot

thanks for holding on
and didnt give up on me earlier
thanks for everything

i hope you can score utk quiz pad120 
i ajar you kan
the first quiz i took for pad120  , i dapat full marks

so many task to complete this week , 

be strong
be healthy

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