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written on Friday, December 30, 2011 @4:00 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

written on wednesday, july 13, 2011 @11:16 pm
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

the other day , i went to langkawi under uitm. seriously , best gila. my classmates were there too. tu yg lagi happening to. maleh nk cerite byk , you all can usha my photos kt facebook fasal langkawi. suke suke :)


okay so , lets begin
there is a guy
he's 181 cm and he's big. tough actually.
he's cute
he likes me
same course, public admin , 1f
i'm 1e
we knew each other on facebook
we started texting
for like 2 weeks for now
only 2 weeks
such a long time for us , terasa mcm dah kenal lama
he's my rommate's classmate
cool huh?
hehe so my roommate jadi my spy , my ear and my eyes
everyday lani balik bilik malam2 and start to talk bout him
the way he tanya a lot of things bout me
the way he tanya wether he suits me best or not
the way he tanya everyone capella and si buta sesuai tak? heheh
fyi , i am the capella because pernah berlakon kt malam dipac , atas pentas jadi cindarella , nk dramatic sikit , kteorg tuka nama capella. then , klas dia , dia blakon jadi buta. hehe
and yes , mse die blakon atas pentas tu we already met on facebook , so entah kenapa i accidentally ter amik gmba dia atas pentas. haha
and more stories to tell you
nanti lah, bukan sekarang. malas nk type


and there's more of him

and him

and can't get enough

KHAIROL FADZLI , i like you too. 
but hold on , not now.


do you still remember this ? hahahaha
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