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written on Friday, January 20, 2012 @9:04 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

yes , i arrived home and terus tidur depan tv 
gahhhh rindu nk tidur sesuka hati di mana mana dan bila bila masa

but he's not home yet
see you next wednesday syg , dahla your lappy tk boleh skype
and you'll be back to your hometown on sunday
and now your bb dah off , takde betri la tu
mana pulak nak cas fon dlm hutan kt ulu yam tu kn?
take care , be safe 

happy 6th monthsary khairol fadzli

sorry , for everything
kita masing masing busy tak engat dunia minggu lepas
dah lama tak jumpa you 

but hey , i'll make it up to you okay
i'll wait smpai you habis that camping thingy
i'll wait , i'll do everything with my bb 
sleep with it eat with it and even having shower with it (tipu)
 and i swear i'll keep my bb sentiasa alive
in case you need me , i'll be here

syg , i scored my PAD quiz haritu
i got an A , im so so so happy and proud of it
i'll try harder utk next paper k , 
you pun sama tau

take care syg

 i miss him

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