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written on Saturday, January 14, 2012 @9:16 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

Assalamualaikum stalkers

ok so we went out today to melaka central , 
a very interesting moment we had today , its not as usual and very very rare

okay so as i was totally disagree with my boyfriend's hairstyle and all the mumbling i spit on him
suddenly , nak dijadikan cerita

there was this old man , not that old , around 55 , wearing kopiah with white pagoda shirt
the old man came and sit right in front of us , lupa nk ckp masa ni dkt AG sentral
so the old man questioned KF , tahu ckp bahasa inggeris ? mandarin?
so KF answered 'no' maybe malas nak ckp kot lepas kene membebel dgn aku tadi kan
and so the pakcik said ' ni how ma ? ' so KF answered something dah lupa
and then the pakcik said again , " theres one line that when i said to students , they will laugh , 
the line is ' wo ai ni ' can i know what does tht really mean and why did they laugh everytime i said tht "
so we laughed , just because of the way he said it
and then i said ' wo ai ni means i love you '
so the pakcik laughed and said , noooo i think the person who taught me mandarin lied to me

and so the pakcik started another story , quite touching
he said 

' i am very proud of you guys. students. you guys are in love while still learning , thats good , 
and i pray for you guys to go up on the pelamin one day
(dia ckp dkt kf lg) take care of her , promise me , be good , study well , be a good person ( byk lg dia ckp but ni je yg egt dan dpt tangkap ape die ckp sbb dia ckp sgt slow )

in my heart says , aminnn and we smiled 
and then the pakcik said 

' but somehow , i think you will look better if you wear the kain tudung , you know , its not good to dedah something we called aurat , i hope you are not mad at me because i am just saying , promise me , that you will wear the kain tudung one day '

so i smiled and said ok , one day insyaAllah
lepastu pakcik td ckp lg 

' i was a clerk at bank islam , i was married , but we dont have the third person , you know what i mean , child , so one day , we were on our way back from terengganu (if i was not mistaken) and we had a teribble accident , i broke my jaw (he showed his scar including on his head , dia angkat kopiah die skali ) it was very terrible , and i lost my wife '

kami terdiam dan tak senyum dah , :(

so he left and he smiled with thousands of meaning , 
lalu dia bangun dan pergi meninggalkan kami dan lenyap dr pandangan

k tu tipu , sebenarnye mse tu , bas dah dtg , dan dia naik , tp aku ckp

'we dont want to ride the bus because its not airconditioned'

so the pakcik salam KF and naik bas ke MC

all day long , i have been thinking of wht the pakcik said
his story , 
his advices
and the best part is , we dont even know him
and tadi was the first time we met
and all the infos? wowwww
and dia cuma pakai kopiah , baju pagoda , seluar hitam biasa and selipar busuk
but he is VERY fluent in english
he talked in english sepanjang masa dgn kami
from the beginning till the end

there must be a reason why Allah let us met this old man
this old mysterious man


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