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written on Friday, March 9, 2012 @1:59 AM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

i have been dreaming to be a princess since i was a little child
that sounds stupid but i have my point , wait for it
i dream of living in a huge castle
wearing pretty dresses playing with all the expensive toys tht others couldnt afford

but now i realize 
being a princess doesnt mean that i will be happy forever 

as i grow older i know
whats the point of playing all the expensive toys if you dont have any friend
how to live with all the wealth without socializing
how to overcome? share the toys , go out and get to know people

as i grow even more older
i knew that problems are coming right away in a very slow manner
i realize that i have so many responsibilities than before
i have to balance everything up and hell its not easy as ya think

in my studies , i learnt that i have to put an effort to feel it
feel the meaning of pride and standard
to know how the world flows everyday
to try and to take risk
to not give up of trying and try harder 
i realize that its okay to failed in condition , with effort to improve it
nobody is always on top , 

in my love life , i learnt that putting aside our egos and to care less is very important
fightings are normal , everybody fights
married couple fights , 
fighting give reasons for us to be happy again 
mostly , emotional will handle all the talk , which is not right
the key word is just 'sorry' and 'ilapyiu'
i learnt that no matter how tough you are
no matter how big how tall how skinny how fat you are
you will cry for the love of your life
you will cry so hard and it is normal
why not , after each little stupid fights we had
if we ever failed again , we just have to get up , live it , face it and try

in my social life , i realize that i have to have friends
without friends , theres no glow in our life
do not choose your friend over their beauty , wealth
choose good friends to be with , 
to share everything with 
to cry with
the most important part of friendship is
trust your friend , be open minded and accept the truth through all the advices
its not okay to put aside our advices or you'll get hurt
its not okay to just think of yourself everytime , dont be selfish

on the other side of the story ;

i dream of having a good career in my future 
i dream of my parents shed a tear on my graduation day
i dream of having him as my husband , to be loyal and to be a good wife
i dream of giving birth to my children and my parents can see them too
i dream of having big house and big cars
i dream of being happy with my family 
i dream of using iphone and ipad one day
i dream of having thousands in my bank account
i dream of having so many loyal and trustworthy friends
i dream of me and my boyfriend watching sunset together after talking about our future
i dream of having a very good voice 
i dream of being a super model 
i dream of being a very talented actress
i dream of being a singer like Katy Perry that i adore

 a princess will also face all of this
studies , love life 
and a princess will have to face it even harder
a princess will not have to be beautiful on the outside 
a princess doesnt have to be fake in friendship
 a princess should be strong
a princess can dream big

in fact 

everybody can

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