✰ hello peepol , ✰
written on Friday, March 9, 2012 @1:07 AM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

dear stalkers,
i am so sorry that i abandoned you guys for a VERY long time
i had so many things going on 
ups and downs
mostly downs :'(
however , i managed to handle things , i guess

so , my exams are just around the corner
and i nearly crack my head because in my opinion, 
all the subjects for this semester are damn hard
i cant lie to myself by saying tht its not that hard not that hard not that hard

i am trying , just. its hard. 

i miss my first semester in melaka
everything seemed so simple , easy 
i guess part 3 would be way harder huh 

i am strong , see my superman's photos

i told yaa im strong 

okay since evvvverybody is telling me to update my blog 
including my best bud and my hero
so yeah , i am updating
but i still dont have any idea 
no point of updating this ancient blog i left behind so many weeks ago

well , urm , nothing much to tell
so, currently my baby is not well 
having fever , migraines and flu
we were just planning to go to the zoo soon 
but still , not sure when :(
get well soon baby

so Yaya got back from India few weeks ago 
we had a lot of fun in Genting Highlands
but i am too busy in Melaka 
so dpt jumpa her 3 4 times 
she was here for a month
so not fair
i miss her already :(

haa one more thing , i cracked my right hand for the first time of my life !
my hand was bandaged for like a week

so yeah , this picture was taken during my first time menghadiri Jomheboh
it was frustrating because
the weather in Melaka was soooooooooooo hot
and there was soooooooo many people around
i can hardly breathe and so , i dont like the surroundings at all
i will never force myself to go to Jomheboh again , EVER

okay , tata for now



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