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written on Friday, April 20, 2012 @6:30 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

don't pretend like nothing happened before , you walked away from me and when things turn right , it seems so easy for you to come back , hell no , i am not that kinda girl yg boleh dikutip kutip. do not act macam kita dah lupa semua tu, don't you dare come near me again , stupid brat

okay enough cursing for the day ,
its glory Friday and i am not going home for this second week because , yeah i don't have enough money to survive and pay for foods if i go back , so here i am being useless again during weekend. i am starving and i am freaking bored. i have nothing to do and blogging seems to be pointless if you type sentences without point. get what i mean? pfft

so the song of the day award goes to 'Augustana - Boston' this song really fits me well. have you ever heard? please do. the beginning really melts me. okay so , i am just wondering , here in my blog , do i even have followers? i mean , the one yang sangat setia membaca dan menunggu entri baru. i have a lot of followers in the list but , do they all really read my blog? so whats the point of having so many followers? my hobby used to be blogwalking here and there , trying to gain more followers , but now i don't think that is necessary because , who cares. its up to you nak baca atau tak kan, its your site , why should force people to read it. 

okay , now , like , currently now , is anybody even reading this line? if yes , give me a shout out at my chatbox , or even prettier if you post a comment for this entry. 

 i just need to know siapa yang baca apa semua apa merepek kat sini ? kalau merepek sorg sorg , pun syiok jugak. but , just wondering. hmmph. so today , my first test. i done my best although i am not that satisfied with my answers. i did my test sitting in front of my baby , he looked confused at first but later he did not even glance at me anymore. its good that you're focused syg. i am proud of you. somehow , you balik kampung today and that makes me sooooooooooo sad. today is our monthsarry and we did not plan to have a dinner date together? last night was awesome , the dinner we ate was nice , but masa tu you told me tu bukan dinner untuk monthsarry sbb masa tu belum 20hb. so maybe tonight kita ada dinner date lg but , last minute you plan nak balik kampung amik barang. it does not matter if you get back here tomorrow on saturday , but still , 20hb bukan selalu. waiting for another month is not that easy. there's so much things gonna happen in a month, even in a day. is this some kind of another surprise of yours that you're planning to do soon? or you just don't have any money to buy me dinner. its not important. i just wanna see you thats all. ok i'm so dissapointed. 
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