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written on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 @9:56 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

dear bloggie ,

my life now. its complete. i couldn't ask for more. i got what i need and that's it. is this really it? the feeling of being loved. life has been so colorful ever since. its like , the person. is everywhere. and you know that you need that person every single minute of your precious life. its like that person really knows well about you , really good in doing almost everything. that person tells the good stuff when all you could ever listened to is the bad stuff. the person that gives you smile when everyone gives you tears. its like when you have complementary goods when you learn economics. same like you have a calculator when you're learning accounts. ever since that person came , things are changing. slowly. in a very good way. that person teaches you so many things you don't know and completes your weaknesses. that same person acts like he's the guardian angel sent from God. its like when there is a person that sings to you every night just to watch you fell asleep. its like when the person holds your hand each night until you both fall asleep. its like when a person  tries his best to make you comfortable with the surroundings , when the person is your sources for necessary things you need. its when that person provides tissue on hot sunny days , when the person wipes your mouth when you are eating ice cream like a little innocent girl. its like when your blog have the only one follower and same like in your life where there is only a person that is your biggest fan. its like too many fish get caught by the fisherman everyday that concludes to a feeling of satisfaction among them. yeah , satisfaction indeed. 

baby , you are fertilizing strength in my mind. a big thank you for you and keep it up

love ,
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