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written on Sunday, April 1, 2012 @11:52 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

  Assalamualaikum peepol

well , my finals ended 3 days ago and i am super relieved ! i tried my ass off for my finals , and all i could do is just that. dont ask me more ogayh , you will annoy me soo much ;p okayh so lets start already , im taking too much time am i. okay so last week , my johorians ladies followed me back to KL , actually our finals belum ended lagi pun but we decided to do this big crazy steps as soon as we knew that kecik was finally allowed to follow me back home , yead kids , getting your parents permission to go ANYWHERE is important , its wht we call as 'berkat' so yeah , dont worry lads , i took care of my babies pretty well while touring them sekitar KL , lemme show you some of our fabulous photosssssss captured ! ;)

well this is my favorite stairs ! xoxo

however , my days in KL that time wasnt perfect , cause my baby couldnt come , he's still in Melaka and would it be nice if he'd be there , more pictures with him instead of this babes , tehee , and yeah , the only man in those photos i uploaded is Adib , my coursemate , he's fine and , yeah he's fine. haha. not to forget , i think Adib is our new bff , he's kinda like a perfect guy friend to talk to , he gets into us easily and he's nice. we were actually missing one more pretty babe , Qis , she had her math paper that particular day , she joined us on the last day in KL thou

so , back to my baby , we celebrated our 5th mothsarry on 20th of March last month. it was nice. the best part was , he bought me a very hugeeeeeeeee teddy bear at TimesSquare , that cost him a lot of penny. i cried of course when i first hugged the bear , it was so cute , and white , and fluffy and , perfect. we named it MOMO , after , urm i dont want to talk about the origin of the name so , yeah , MOMO is the name. it is this hugeeeeee , see this picture below

MOMO is my second boyfriend since then. i punched his stomach everyday , i sleep with it i hug it everyday. it is the best present a person ever gave to me. it was so perfect and what i have been dreaming of for a very long time. so yeah , 
my boyfriend bought me a very expensive and tremendously huge bear and im lovin it ! 

to my syg , 
thank you for every little thing you did for me. our 5 months was not that easy as at first. it was pretty rough and however we managed to get thru all the rough patches. yeay to us ! syg im glad i met you , why didnt you show up earlier in my life? i could have been happier since then. hehe but yeah , Alhamdulillah. i hope we will stay gay together like forever , im serious. i want you to know that , it is not easy to get this far , life in university is not that easy , and we have like 2 more sems from graduating and i want us to be like this until we got a permanent job and you know , ;) it was rough thou during our finals , our lecturers pun dah warn awal awal supaya kita tak gaduh during our finals sbb nanti boleh effect our exams. i know both of us was soooooo depressed , but i think we did it. very well. have you ever wondered before , what would our relationship be another 5 years from now? :) i love you , i do. stay strong and hold on to me ogayh baby. 

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