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written on Sunday, May 20, 2012 @9:10 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

so in order for me to get a brand new petite Vaio, i need to sell my old lappy HP compaq Presario CQ42. i broadcasted the spec on bbm, i posted on walls on facebook, and at last, my brother advertised it on Mudah.my. on the same day, 4 people contacted me. this Mudah.my is really helpful ya know. so the first person didnt ask for any price nego, so he willingly nak beli for RM1050. he lives near my bro's house in kajang so he said he would like to buy it if its still available on Tuesday. the second person asked for a price nego at RM850. the third person asked for RM900 and the last person asked for RM750. the best price goes to Mr. RM1050 just now. hihi. Alhamdulillah, so the balance i need to buy Vaio is only RM349. awww this is super NICE !

the conclusion is, if you really desperately need money and really have to sell your stuff, please go and advertise your stuff on Mudah.my. the result is surprising because i thought nobody would like my offer for a year and a half used laptop for RM1050. the original price was RM2099. so, thats okay. my bro even downloaded a new antivirus thingy and yeah so im on my way to clean up everything, passwords, any private numbers or anything else. its kinda sad ya know, i had to take off my sticker name. okay tomorrow will be the last day i update my blog using my HP laptop. byebye old baby. you'd done so well so far. thank youuu. :')
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