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written on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 @9:32 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

Assalamualaikum dear peepol 
oghay since i got this new baby so i need to train myself well in typing. if you guys really know me, i can type quite fast ya know. i have a great and bright future to be a typist but what to do, typist is just not enough for me since i am still studying for my diploma, not just spm. so today is my first day using my vaio and i am getting used to each little thing in it. i am so happy as almost everyone in this house really notice my baby and says good thing about it. whoa its pink, this is what i planned to buy you long time agoooo, wow how come so small but have big ram, whoa that whoa everywhere whoa whoa. that's a pretty nice moment i got there as  i bought this laptop with my own money and i did not burden my parents to live in my dream. :'D

my fav song currently is safe and sound - taylor swift. omagad that song is just, just, just fits ! i felt like singing all the time and i hope my voice would be that nice ! D: okay so for this entry, i would like to state my opinion about what a real guy is. i know most of the girls in my age now have boyfies. so how can we know how real is your guy. 

  1. is there still a guy who holds your handbag when your shoulder feels like broken inside deeply that cause just a little pain. yes there still is, so is he willingly carrying your handbag sometimes in the shopping mall w/o any excuses? mine does, but not too long because he knew already that i was just being manja instead of being really in pain because in my handbag, there's almost 60% of his stuff. haha kantoi. 
  2. he texts you all day long and wants to know things you do what you did and every little thing happen in your everyday life. so, mine does as well. he bbms me all day long. and i do not know why the hell aren't we boring w each other. haha that is what we called lovalova you guys, its the feeling of being wanted everyday and, being loved so much and safe.
  3. he does almost anything just to see you smile. did he? of course yes. he would sing, he would dance and do stupid movement especially when he did the little movement w his head and neck when listened to boomerang ! thats sweet because i was crying at that time, crying my ass off and it is a great feeling when there is always someone whose always there.
  4. gaduh macam nak meletop but minutes after that, you guys are back on track ! yes, we have been trough this so many times. when you see the same person all day and when there is one particular day when your day is so miserable and there is always the same person there so you accidentally spit everything out to that person even when he did nothing wrong. babe, i am sorry that girls are emotional. and i know i should change that ! pity the guy that just listens and says sorry even when he is actually darn innocent.
  5. he respects you. for girls, only stay w the guy that really appreciates you and respects you for everything especially your precious and beautiful body, your favies all time, movies, cartoons and even colors. there is absolutely no joke when the girls in my age loves watching barbie so much ! he does not perli his girl and can even watch barbie together. he did, he watched Barbie as a Mermaid w me at Temenggung, one of the famous cafe in UiTM :p
  6. he tells everybody that you are his only girlfriend that he's proud of. yes, that is so important to avoid from being cheated. he have the guts to tell everybody about the relationship because he is so sure that she's the one and hoping that it will last.
  7. he plans everything ahead especially when to meet your parents. my baby does. he planned so much and he told my best bud what it is. he planned to, ya know, i cant tell because that supposed to be a secret ! but knowing it means a lot to me, i even cried when i figured all his plan for me. i hope that your plan will come true because yes, i want so much to be halal for you :') he met my parents like 15 times already and my whole family knows him. but not that well because dia cuma byk cakap ngn mak saya daripada banyak cakap ngn abang ipar saya. well atleast he tried and i told him to be flexible around us to fit in well.
  8. its the real him. the patience so much. dia tak akan just control macho setiap masa because thats fake ya know. i think everybody knows that girls do cry a lot. and when a guy cries for you, marry him ! not every guy can throw away all the egos just like that and cry in front of his lady ! 
  9. the patience, the love, the attention, he takes good care of you. he protects you in almost anything. he do not want you to involve in things that would harm you. he cares so much that sometimes girls forget to appreciate. stupid girls will rebel even he is not that bossy and he worries all the time thinking of your safety and else. if you dont like it, tell him properly. dont just rebel and leave. because you would never have the chance again to meet the kind of person that really seriously cares.
  10. he is always there. your hard times. your good times. even bila kita hitam kene sunburn, kita ada jerawat batu 5 dekat muka, kita terkentut depan dia, kite berdengkur sebelah dia, kita nanges hingus meleleh mcm air sungai, he is there no matter how hard it is. he holds onto you if he's serious. 

now, you can see if your guys is true. if he's not like any of those points, maybe he's just not enough for you. eventhough you said that you gladly are accepting the way he is, but the real thing is, you are not happy. be with the person that makes you happy, million girls would want that. 

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