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written on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 @9:50 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

hello Assalamualaikum, nama saya Khaigol Fadzli dan saya bopreng Cah yang comel lagi cantik menawan

okay, i just finished my intersession last Monday. i did my final pretty well i guess. i tried my best and so yeah,
lets just pray for the best ;) so during my intersession for about a month , i liked it soooo much, cause yeah the first time studied w/ him, sat beside him, had lunch dinner breakfast w/ him. after our relationship had become so dramatically rough last semester, we finally makeup to it and the result is astonishing of course! however, the rough patches during the intersession ermmm had to stay for the weekend w/ Izati, living a life in Lendu w/o car, and starving to death. the cafes were all closed and the whole uitm is like a place in Zombie Land. and yes one more thing, there was once time where me and Izati got panicked and got scared big times when our dear Qis' car could not started after we finished our class. Alhamdulillah at that moment there was still some amazing guys , new friend, guy friends, helped a lot. one of them even had to turn back from Alor Gajah just to save us ! thank you KF of course, Shahrizat mt, Aidiel, Azim, Lili yang patah balik utk ke uitm, Ajim lau hu, you guys were awwwwesome.

and yeah, on that day actually i was planning to go back home to celebrate Mazuin's birthday however Mom texted me and told me not to go back because she's celebrating it w/ her hubby so yeah, macam mana nak balik pun dah kalau kerete taleh hidup mcmni? so, the end of my intersession i had been planning my whole time to go to Mersing right after my paper on Monday. i packed all my stuff and eager to go have some fun at the beach in Mersing and eat everything there. Ayah also already gave me money to go. i finished my paper at 12 pm and of course i did not check my phone yet. i was so busy packing my beach stuff and suddenly my bb rings and there you go, a text from my mommy sweetheart 

' kita dah hantar mazuin ke hospital mindef '

so i was panicking on my own and kept thinking wether i should just go on with what i planned with everyone or just go back home bacause, theres a new comer in the family ya know! so i let myself calm for a lil bit and i decided to go back home. i am so sorry dear roomies Izati and Atikah Asyilah because i let you down of planning so much. what to do, family must comes first. this is not because of family matter i guess, more to baby matter ! ;) 
so of course the whole family was so extremely excited to have the baby, and my big sis seemed so pale and helpless but i know she's holding on just for the baby, just for a little while. all the pain will fade away and the happiness that the baby can make will vanish all the pain i hope. so after couple of days she's in the hospital and me and my parents were ulang alik every single day to check upon the baby and my sis, on 15th of May 2012, a baby girl was born healthily and have a fascinating cute little figure and yes, a perfect baby. Alhamdulillah. 
meet my new little niece,
Miss Naurah Arissa binti Mohamad Izwan

shes a doll isnt she :)

she is perfect and so cute and cuddly and huggable and shes a girl ! Alhamdullilah thanks to Allah for blessing my family w/ this little newborn. Congratulations to my big sis and her hubby for becoming a new mommy and daddy and blessed w/ this sweet little person. 

every little thing happened must have a reason. i did not go to Mersing as i planned because i could see this angelic face on the day she was born and i could kiss this baby and bau syurga sgt menenangkan, seriously. the bau makes me want to protect her, to sayang her, to do anything i could for her and could not let her cry and be scared. i am a good makcik you know. :) 

however, patutnya dia balik rumah harini but dia ada 'kuning' so she had to stay in the ward for couple of days. so sad  :( lose all the 'kuning' in your body kay baby and come back home so that your makcik could kiss you all day long. 

so, seriously, mcm mana ada manusia yang boleh membuang bayi? heartless.

p/s - the new daddy will have a cuti for 9 days so i will heret him to Low Yat and company me to buy a brand new petite Vaio in pink NEXT WEEK 

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