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written on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 @12:27 AM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

Assalamualaikum peepol

so i talked to my mum already about the vaio thingy, and she questioned me like a police asking whats wrong with my current lappy, and so i said that

 "my HP COMPAQ Presario CQ42 gets hot easily, and it could burn anything underneath it, doesnt work with the kipas sold at the lappy store and i am so getting tired of losing my projects and assignment because when this compaq gets hot, it will shut down by itself automatically and it never autosaved my work. i was furious about this stuff for like couple of times now and it really gets under my skin so i need this vaio"

there you go, my perfect brief explanation why i need vaio for my own satisfaction. so my mum responded like

"so how much is the vaio you are talking about? maybe we can get it for you after you finished your intersession okay"

i am so in love with my mum right now until i dreamed of hugging her and cuddling her and poking her stomach all the way !

but, my family bukan org senang sgt, so tadi i went to tesco and ter ok ter usha couple of posters displaying phone number utk apply for vacant job. so i quickly snapped a pic of em and i texted them and one of the number replied. but the thing is, i have to tell the truth sbb boleh kerja dlm 3 atau 4 weeks top! mestilah most of the manager nak permanent worker kan, even for part timer kerja sabtu ahad sahaja. dan, dia nak female only. i am a female ! tp dia nak org kerja lama. so, mcm mana nak kerja. i planned nak kerja to afford this vaio sbb i really want the pink one and it will cost me about, 2399. kalau nak putih je boleh je amik yg 2099 tu but with i3 processor which means dia suppose to be a lil bit slower than the 2399 iaitu i5, but who cares i3 pun dah cukup laju. but yg 2099 tu hanya ada white color je, white color pun okay but i really really seriously desperately nak the pink one ! i asked for advice from my baby and then dia cakap nak beli bende mahal, kene earn it and kene puas lgpun kene make sure pakai lama, so kene la puas. but still, nak kale pink , perbezaan harge smpai 300. thats a lot. sungguh. but, i want it so badly :( ini semua nafsu , i know. but i want it. sbb tu i need to work my ass off. any vacancy available please do tell me !

which one is better?

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