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written on Monday, May 7, 2012 @6:45 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

Assalamualaikum dear stalkers,

so i am back in Malacca, why so early? thank Allah because after cursing someone and had a crazy idea to runaway from home that night on the spot, rupanya tomorrow evening ada test, means today ada test lah. Alhamdulillah, nasib baik balik Melaka malam tadi jugak. but, i am so seriously truly sorry sebab dah susahkan mak saya, kesian sgt dia, she knew what happen dari awal, she knew siapa salah siapa tak, dia tau semua yg jadi haritu and the best part was, she's there by my side and support me and my points dr awal lg. nak tahu cerita lanjut? nahhh, i dont even want to spell anything bout it here. sucks. the key point is, perangai anda menggambarkan umur anda dan yes, perempuan mmg emosional kan, no doubt and lg satu, please jgn dengki, tak elok.

so that night when dah tension melampau, i called KF and i cried like there will be no tears anymore for tomorrow, showing my frustration towards what had happen kan. jdnya i told him , i want to go back to melaka asap, like right now. and he said, r u sure, okay i'll wait for you dekat AG sentral tonight. he knew that i couldnt stand all of it lagi lepas dah denga the way i cried. so dah smpai AG sentral malam tu, qis amik naik kerete, there he was. looking at me, bbm me dlm kereta tu, muram nya. and i replied im sorry. i told him i was so damn lapar and then dia terus cakap kt qis, singgah kfc kejap lg. he belanja me kfc. i felt so bad, thank you syg, you're the best. :'(

next Monday is my final for short sem, tadi ada test 2 and i think i did my best. esok ada presentation and i am the first one to present dengan izati, wish us luck.

and one more thing, sbb taknak balik rumah awal awal, i am going to Mersing right after my final isnin ni. is that okay ? no i dont need your decision because i can make one on my own. k emo byeeeeeeee

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