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written on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 @9:01 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

Assalamualaikum fellas
so today is a very busy day for me, i had to go to see the car owner at bukit jalil at noon and at 5 pm i had to go sunway parade to see another car. i went to both of the venue w my babes ( ayah & mak ) so as a conclusion, the second car i saw today was a little bit dissapointed because ada kemek skit kat pintu driver and ada kesan cat semula lepas ketuk kat bumper depan. so i made my mind, i chose the first car i saw today which is currently owned by an Iranian man, he's so super skinny and very very tall and he's smart enough for me to look as a good car handler. he works at TPM and yeah, so the reason why he wanted to sell the car is because he dont find the car fits him as he is way too tall and his friends are quite the same and there aren't enough space for them to sit at the back. and this car is not fast enough as its only 1200cc which is enough for me. he planned to buy Neo. so just now, he texted me and said he finally agreed w my final price. :) so yeah. after this me and ayah will be busy with bank loans, jpj utk tuka nama atas geran yeah. hari khamis tengah hari me and ayah will go to the nearest bank dkt  BJ utk settle bank draft and loan. so bank loan tu yg kene tunggu lama, ira dulu kene tggu about a week baru diluluskan so in 2 weeks time. i will have a car. on my own. :)


my baby sawi (savvy) !
its dual transmission iaitu ada manual & auto sekali ok
harap harap semua berjalan dengan lancar.

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