✰ hey you ✰
written on Friday, June 1, 2012 @1:01 AM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

dear you. i hope you're reading this. watcha doing? i miss you so much do you know that? i hope what happened last night is the final and the last one k? hmph. how's your hand? is it okay? im sorry i totally forgot about it, cause you act so freaking cool with it even i know that its hurting. i hope you'll be careful in whatever you do after this k? i hope you study well for the next sems, i'll be praying for you, always, you know that rite. i miss us. badly. you hurt me big time. but its okay. thing happens. and i know, there must be a solid reason for any act. i hope you do well in everything. i know you will achieve your dreams. focus to it k? no time anymore to play around and messing things up. its time for you to change some things, throw away what you dont need and be someone new. you have to do it yourself since i am way too far away from you. i know you can do it. i just know it. and remind yourself that i am always here. i'll be here. supporting thou i wont mumble all the way to your cute ears. 
hey you. i am so sorry for everything. if i ever hurt you, yes i did. i did not mean to. i never want to see you cry. im sorry for every little thing that i'd done wrong. i am so sorry. i hope you can forgive me somehow.
hey you. i want you to know that seriously dude, you are the most amazing person ive ever met. you are a wonderful person. you light my whole life. you bring happiness and sadness and all other mix feelings, which i treasure so much. the time we spent together were precious and its the time of my life. every moment we share. every memories we have. bring it with you anywhere you go. every crazy stuff we did. every fun stuff we left behind.bowlings, token, movies, unlimited texting. dont ever, ever forget.
hey you. i wont let you go. and please dont let me go either. i always keep you in my mind. i hope you do too. 
hey you. i am so in love with you. that words cant tell. everybody knows. 

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