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written on Thursday, August 16, 2012 @10:28 PM
i LOVE you
Khairol Fadzli <3

Cerita dia start daripada twitter sedemikian hari di mana my dear Yaya cakap she's coming home lagi 2 weeks, so i replied to one of her tweets i tanya kau belikan kte hadiah apa so she replied back cakap kau nak apa, so i quickly replied cakap nak bende ni bende ni sebab NAK AMIK GAMBAR GUNA INSTAGRAM.  at first i thought she was kidding all the way and then one serious point dah mula cakap pasal ipad and these tablets stuff. dia tengah final skrg so malas ganggu, one night she whatsapp-ed me hantar gambar ni, 

there you go, she bought me a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
i am soooooooooooooooooo extremely excited
i am counting days till the day she comes home !
hahaha i love you yaya , i promise i'll pay you back a lil bit w money, bulu and love ! :D

p/s  - there there big sistah, i took care of you since you were young even though i am your one and only cute little sister, kite bantai semua orang yang kacau kat sekolah , facebook and anywhere when you need me the most :p so i dont like to hear you cry on skype talking w daddy and started to gave up, no no, not like that. its okay , mana ada jalan yang mudah untuk senang, please dont stop moving and leave the rest to Allah, He knows best. kami semua di Malaysia sentiasa doakan Yaya, be strong and lately ayah kau asyik pesannnnnnnnn je kat kita, 'whatever happens, masalah besar mana datang, jangan nangis, kene kuat'. and daddy said that again to you just now on skype. dont forget that, focus on your next paper, rezeki ada di mana mana insyaAllah. :*  chaiyok  Yayang ! 

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